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Security is less in AJAX applications as all the files are downloaded at client side. The data of all requests is URL-encoded, which increases the size of the request. For more on how AJAX works, follow here. Server To Client 2. Employee contains two fields: ID and Name. Controller is Employee and action name is GetEmpList which takes list of employees as parameter. Second, the code block to get list of employee from Server and display it.

Here, this method type is "GET", gets data in success properties as response parameter. It loops over employee list, collects employee data, and binds it as a div.

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Next, let's see how to send data from Client to Server. Here, we will send list of Employees to the Server to save those in database.

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Add the following code in Controller's action. Controller is Employee and action name is SaveEmpList which takes list of employees as parameter. It creates an array and pushes JSON object to it. BeginForm, Ajax. BeginForm Ajax. BeginForm Html. BeginForm submits data to the Server with full page postback, means it re-loads whole page when postback occurs. BeginForm is used to submit form data to the server without whole page postback, it sends data through AJAX concept.

The Ajax.


BeginForm takes the following parameters: actionName controllerName routeValues ajaxOptions htmlAttributes actionName This parameter is used to define the action name which will be executed. Confirm It is used t o display the confirmation box before sending request to the server. InsertionMode Gets or sets the mode that specifies how to insert the response into the target DOM element.

The function is triggered by the "onchange" event:.


If no customer is selected str. The source code in "getcustomer. Example Start typing a name in the input field below: First name: Suggestions:.

Connection" conn. Open Server. Open sql,conn response. MoveNext loop response.

ASP.NET AJAX Using Visual Basic 2005

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Whether you're interested in ASP. The aim is to give you, the reader, the knowledge you need to achieve the results you want with the minimum of fuss. When you've read this book, you'll have a solid understand of all the techniques that are available, when to use them, and their relative strengths and weaknesses.

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