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Birth of avant-garde percussionist Hamid Drake in Monroe.

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His marriage to his thirteen-year-old cousin Myra Gale Brown causes a scandal. Harold Battiste, Jr.

Music of Louisiana

Clarence "Frogman" Henry opens. Robert Parker's "Barefootin'" makes it to No. Birth of Tim McGraw in Delhi. The Wild Magnolias release their self-titled debut album, adding psychedelic funk courtesy of band leader Willie Tee and his brother, Earl Turbinton, Jr. Philip Frazier forms the Rebirth Brass Band.

Wynton Marsalis, at twenty-two, becomes the first artist to win Grammys in both jazz and classical music categories in the same year. Cajun fiddle great Dewey Balfa dies at age sixty-five. Gospel singer Raymond Myles is shot and killed on the edge of the French Quarter. Bluesman Igor Prado, a lefty guitarist from Brazil who plays a right-handed guitar upside-down, is known for his mastery of blues, soul, funk and rock and roll. Whitney Shay Jazz, Swing, Blues. Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers have won or been nominated for just about every award that can be bestowed upon a blues band.

Bill Magee Blues Band Blues.

Blue Largo Blues. Alice Wallace Americana. Casey Hensley Band Blues. Mercedes Moore Band Blues. Sarah Rogo loves to surf and play the blues on her National guitars. The Stilettos Rock n' Roll. Manny Cepeda Orchestra Latin. Chris Fast Band Blues.

VA ‎– Swamp Pop By The Bayou: Troubles, Tears & Trains 60's Rock Louisiana Blues, Swamp Pop Music

The Chris Fast Band is a high energy, traditional, four-piece Chicago Blues band, with a solid reputation as one of the hardest working, busiest blues bands in the greater San Diego area. Skelpin Celtic. Ass Pocket Whiskey Fellas Irish. Fuzzy Rankins Blues. Hot Zydeco in Southern CA! High Life Cajun Band Cajun.

Michele Lundeen Blues. Three Chord Justice Country.


Grateful Dead Family Discography: American Made Music Series

They set themselves apart by lacing their rock and roll with syncopated bursts of high voltage brass and soulful doses of rhythm and blues. The Bayou Brothers Zydeco, Blues.

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San Diego Cajun Playboys Cajun. Their music makes all the hidden treasures of South Louisiana Cajun country come alive. Featuring the diatonic Cajun-style button accordion, Theo and Zydeco Patrol cooks up a fiery mix of Cajun and Zydeco music, and then throws in some steel drums for a feel of the tropics that is hot hot hot! The thriving Cajun and Zydeco dance scene on Southern California and the West Coast are in perfect step with the style and musical influences of Theo and the Zydeco Patrol. Robin Henkel Blues, Jazz, Swing. His music has been called raw and gut-wrenchingly honest, and those who have seen him know to expect the unexpected and enjoy the pleasant surprises of the musical directions his songs take.

Embracing the exciting spirit of improvisation with a hard funk edge, Euphoria Brass Band has become known for their incendiary high energy shows, guaranteed to get a crowd smiling, dancing and having a good time.

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Euphoria Brass Band is proud to have been nominated five years in a row for various San Diego Music Awards since their inception in Come join the parade! They bring classic American roots music alive with sophistication, swing, soulful intent, and inventive instrumental improvisations. The band is fronted by guitarist Dana Duplan and harmonica player Dane Terry. Gregory Page Americana. This self-described songwriter, troubadour, poet, film maker and astronaut astronaut? Gregory Page himself, however, is known for his genre-bending concerts which resemble a vaudeville cabaret act intertwined with an old time folk revival show, complete with song, storytelling, and humorous poetry.

Bobby Sanchez Combo Rockabilly. Count on the Bobby Sanchez Combo to bring a premium dose of rockabilly and to revive the sound of early rock and roll music, with raw performances oozing energy and chemistry. No two performances are EVER the same, which is probably why the band has earned the reputation of being a total crowd pleaser. Johnny Deadly Trio Rockabilly, Blues. They play with wild abandon and attitude, with a presence that demands to be heard.

They play the kind of rock-n-roll that you might think twice about bringing home to your mom… however, if you did, she might like it too. Chickenbone Slim Rockabilly, Blues. Chickenbone Slim is an old school bluesman, with a funky, down-home greasy style. Starting out as a bass player, Chickenbone took up the guitar in , and formed his band, The Biscuits, in He is heavily influenced by Chicago and Texas Blues masters, prefers telecasters, and plays through old amps like his Gibson BR-1 to get his unique tone.

But in those days we were so pilled up we could have went 48 hours. So the shows got bigger and bigger and drawing more and more people…. Small fires followed in his in his dreadful wake. He pioneered a method of escaping a motel room that was locked from without, as he was often locked in his room by those who wished to protect him from his vices. He quickly discovered that the Achilles heel of any motel room was its telephone jack, and judicious tugging at the telephone wire would create a chink that could then be relatively easily enlarged into a man-sized hole.

His appetites for liquor and pills were as gargantuan as his penchant for devastation, and one can continue along in such a manner for only so long. Tired of such shenanigans, Barry retired from music to roughneck on the Louisiana oil rigs, only to return to the studio less than three years later. He has worked as used-car salesman back in his native Cut Off, and preached the Gospel in Africa and the Caribbean. He was penniless and ill, living in a house with no water or electricity, when a kicked-over lantern resulted in the destruction of even that humble abode.

He could not possibly have bottomed out more dramatically, yet his faith, though shaken, sustained him.