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Music Neuroscience Philosophy Physical Sciences. Wainwright Abstract The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Religion presents a substantive and in-depth treatment of the most central topics related to the philosophy of religion. Editor William J. Read More. Pruss and Richard M.

Draper Miracles George I. Mavrodes Faith and Revelation C. All rights reserved. Sign in to annotate. Delete Cancel Save. Cancel Save. Issues related to those taken up in the text, both in and out of metaphysics strictly conceived, have been prominent in continental philosophy.

The editors' introduction describe the volume as guided by "the questions that define the growing intersubdisciplinary field of philosophy of death. An expansion of the subdisciplines included in the volume would, I think, deepen the debates within it. For the reasons just elaborated, this anthology, while a strong collection of essays, is more representative of debates in the metaphysics of death, which does not exclusively constitute the philosophy of death.

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It is worth noting, though, that there is much of ethical consequence at stake in this anthology. A small number of these essays, e.

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Kamm's essay on just war theory among others, primarily engage with ethical questions, and Ted Sider's essay insightfully casts light on the relationship between metaphysical facts about death and their ethical implications or lack thereof. For those interested in contemporary debates in analytic philosophy of death, as well as the unique application of concepts and methods of analytic metaphysics tothe philosophy of death, this collection will almost certainly prove very valuable.

I will here recap a few of what I take to be the highlights of this volume. The book begins, understandably, with a consideration of what death is. This question is a guiding thread throughout the text.

Cody Gilmore's substantial opening essay casts the question as "when does a thing die? The next few chapters are devoted to the question of what it would mean to survive one's own death, and whether and how such survival might obtain. Eric T. Olson's "The Person and the Corpse" gives a robust account of the various possibilities of survival after death, including an extended engagement with the question of whether and in what sense we might exist as a corpse. While I think one may need to go further in disproving the "pluralist" thesis that Olson engages at the beginning of the chapter, his chapter lucidly and critically engages various metaphysical positions on death en route to the conclusion that "an easy and satisfying metaphysics of death is elusive" p.

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Olson's and Gilmore's essays both consider cases of non-human death. What does it mean to die as a human? Ought there to be a specific understanding of human death that ought to be marked as such? Are our philosophical accounts of death anthropocentric, even when we consciously strive for a universal account? Such questions are very much worth thinking through with recourse to work inside and outside the tradition represented in this collection.

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In light of this, Norcross carefully considers the relationship between self-consciousness and well-being and concludes that "the significance of death to a self-conscious animal mis different from the significance of death to a merely sentient animal," but is careful to critically engage what he takes to be the problematic elements of Singer's argument from personhood. The ascription of self-consciousness vs.

As a starting-point, though Norcross', though, could be put into fruitful dialogue with the ever-growing field of empirical and theoretical work on animal cognition and emotion. As a collection on cutting-edge work in metaphysics of death and, to a lesser extent, related ethical issues, this is a solid collection that both engages recent debates and furnishes multiple possible directions that these debates may take.

Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Death

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